SP-Laboratories OXYMETABOL



Package: 50 tabs (50mg/tab)
Active Substance: Oxymetholone
Product name: Oxymetholone, Anapolon, Anadrol


Oxymetabol, also known as Oxymetholone, is a powerful oral drug manufactured by SP-Laboratories. This compound is widely recognized in the bodybuilding and sports communities for its potential to enhance performance and promote muscle growth. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the general description, indications, contraindications, uses in bodybuilding and sports, medical actions, recommended combinations with other drugs, dosage guidelines, and potential side effects associated with Oxymetabol.

Oxymetabol, a synthetic anabolic steroid, belongs to the category of androgens and anabolic steroids. It is derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and is known for its exceptional potency. Oxymetabol is available in tablet form, making it easy to administer orally. This steroid is famous for its rapid and pronounced effects on muscle mass and strength, making it a popular choice among athletes and bodybuilders.


Oxymetabol is primarily indicated for the treatment of various medical conditions, such as anemia and osteoporosis. It helps stimulate the production of red blood cells, leading to an improvement in hemoglobin levels. This, in turn, enhances oxygen transport to the body’s tissues and muscles.


While Oxymetabol has therapeutic benefits, it is essential to note that it comes with certain contraindications. This steroid is not recommended for individuals with the following conditions:

  1. Prostate or breast cancer
  2. High calcium levels in the blood (hypercalcemia)
  3. Severe liver problems
  4. Allergic reactions to Oxymetabol or its components
  5. Pregnancy or breastfeeding

Uses in Bodybuilding and Sports:

Oxymetabol is highly sought after in the world of bodybuilding and sports due to its remarkable effects on muscle growth and strength. Athletes and bodybuilders use it to achieve the following:

  1. Rapid Muscle Mass Gain: Oxymetabol promotes significant increases in muscle size and mass within a short period.
  2. Enhanced Strength: Users often experience a noticeable boost in strength, allowing for more intense workouts and improved performance.
  3. Improved Recovery: Oxymetabol can reduce recovery time between workouts, allowing athletes to train harder and more frequently.
  4. Increased Red Blood Cell Production: This steroid enhances oxygen-carrying capacity, providing athletes with better endurance during training and competitions.

Medical Action:

Oxymetabol exerts its medical action by stimulating erythropoiesis, the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow. This increase in red blood cells leads to improved oxygen delivery to muscles and tissues. Additionally, Oxymetabol has an anabolic effect, promoting the retention of nitrogen in the body, which is essential for muscle growth.

Combining with Other Drugs:

Combining Oxymetabol with other drugs should be done with caution and under the guidance of a healthcare professional. Common combinations include:

  1. Testosterone: To mitigate the suppression of natural testosterone production that can occur with Oxymetabol use.
  2. Aromatase Inhibitors: To control estrogen levels, as Oxymetabol can lead to estrogen-related side effects.
  3. Liver Support Supplements: To protect the liver from potential damage associated with Oxymetabol use.


The recommended dosage of Oxymetabol can vary depending on the individual’s goals, experience level, and tolerance. However, a common dosage range for athletes and bodybuilders is 50-150mg per day. It’s important to start with a lower dose and gradually increase it to assess tolerance and minimize the risk of side effects.

It’s worth noting that Oxymetabol cycles should not exceed 6-8 weeks, and post-cycle therapy (PCT) is essential to help the body recover its natural hormone production.

Side Effects:

While Oxymetabol can yield significant benefits, it is not without potential side effects. Common side effects associated with Oxymetabol use include:

  1. Liver Toxicity: Prolonged use can lead to liver damage or jaundice.
  2. Cardiovascular Issues: Increased cholesterol levels and blood pressure can occur.
  3. Estrogen-Related Effects: Gynecomastia (male breast development) and water retention.
  4. Androgenic Effects: Acne, oily skin, and male pattern baldness.
  5. Mood Changes: Aggression, mood swings, and irritability.
  6. Virilization (in Women): Development of masculine characteristics, such as facial hair and a deepened voice.


Oxymetabol (Oxymetholone) by SP-Laboratories is a potent oral steroid with a wide range of applications, from medical treatments to enhancing athletic performance and muscle growth in bodybuilding. While it offers numerous benefits, it also carries the risk of side effects and should be used responsibly and under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Understanding its general description, indications, contraindications, uses in sports, medical action, combining with other drugs, dosage, and potential side effects is crucial for anyone considering its use. Always prioritize safety and consult with a healthcare provider before starting any steroid regimen.