Balkan Pharma APOLLO 50 (Sildenafil)



Package: 100 tabs (50 mg/tab)
Active Substance:Sildenafilum(Sildenafil)
Product name: Viagra, Sildenafil, Apollo


Apollo 50, manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, is a renowned oral drug that contains Sildenafil, a well-known medication commonly associated with the brand name Viagra. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of Apollo 50, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of its general description, indications, contraindications, its role in bodybuilding and sports, its medical action, recommended dosage, potential side effects, and its compatibility with other drugs.

General Description:

Apollo 50 is a pharmaceutical product formulated by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, a reputable company in the healthcare industry. It is an oral medication that features Sildenafil as its active ingredient. Sildenafil belongs to a class of drugs known as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, and it is widely recognized for its ability to enhance blood flow, particularly in the genital area. Apollo 50 is primarily marketed as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Its mechanism of action involves inhibiting the enzyme PDE5, which in turn relaxes blood vessels, promoting increased blood circulation.


Apollo 50 is primarily indicated for two main medical conditions:

  1. Erectile Dysfunction (ED): This medication is commonly prescribed to men who experience difficulties in achieving or sustaining an erection during sexual activity. It works by improving blood flow to the penile region, facilitating the natural process of achieving an erection when sexually stimulated.
  2. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH): Apollo 50 is also used to treat individuals suffering from PAH, a condition characterized by high blood pressure in the arteries that supply blood to the lungs. By dilating the pulmonary blood vessels, Sildenafil helps reduce the strain on the heart and improves exercise capacity in patients with PAH.


While Apollo 50 is generally safe and effective, there are certain contraindications that individuals should be aware of:

  1. Nitrate Medications: Apollo 50 should not be used alongside nitrate medications (e.g., nitroglycerin) as this combination can lead to a dangerous drop in blood pressure.
  2. Allergies: Individuals with known allergies to Sildenafil or any of the drug’s components should avoid its use.
  3. Heart Conditions: Those with severe heart diseases, recent heart attacks, or those on medications for heart conditions should use Apollo 50 cautiously and under medical supervision.
  4. Liver and Kidney Disorders: Individuals with severe liver or kidney impairment should consult a healthcare professional before using this medication.
  5. Hypotension or Hypertension: Patients with low or high blood pressure should use Apollo 50 with caution, as it can affect blood pressure levels.

Uses in Bodybuilding and Sport:

While Apollo 50 is primarily designed for medical purposes, some individuals in the bodybuilding and sports communities have explored its potential benefits. Some athletes have reported using Sildenafil to enhance their athletic performance, believing that increased blood flow could improve endurance and oxygen delivery to muscles. However, it’s essential to note that using Apollo 50 for such purposes is not supported by scientific evidence, and its use in this context may not be safe or legal in competitive sports.

Medical Action:

Apollo 50’s medical action is primarily attributed to its active ingredient, Sildenafil. It inhibits the enzyme PDE5, which plays a key role in regulating blood flow. By inhibiting PDE5, Apollo 50 promotes vasodilation, leading to increased blood flow to specific areas of the body, particularly the penis for men with ED. This enhanced blood flow facilitates the natural processes involved in achieving and maintaining an erection when sexually stimulated. In the case of PAH, Apollo 50’s vasodilatory effect helps reduce the strain on the heart and improves the circulation of oxygenated blood to the lungs, improving overall exercise capacity.

Combining with Other Drugs:

Before combining Apollo 50 with any other medication, it’s crucial to consult a healthcare professional to ensure safety and effectiveness. Certain drugs can interact with Apollo 50, potentially leading to adverse effects. Notable interactions include:

  1. Nitrates: Combining Apollo 50 with nitrate medications can result in a dangerous drop in blood pressure. This combination must be avoided.
  2. Alpha-Blockers: Concurrent use of alpha-blockers and Apollo 50 can also lead to low blood pressure, so careful monitoring is required.
  3. HIV Protease Inhibitors: Some medications used to treat HIV, such as ritonavir, may increase the levels of Sildenafil in the blood. Adjustments in dosage may be necessary.


The recommended dosage of Apollo 50 can vary depending on the specific medical condition and individual response to the medication. It is typically taken as needed for ED, about 30 minutes to an hour before sexual activity. The standard starting dose is 50 milligrams, but the dosage may be adjusted by a healthcare provider based on the patient’s tolerance and response.

For PAH, the dosage is different and should be determined by a healthcare professional. In all cases, it’s essential to adhere to the prescribed dosage and not exceed it, as doing so may increase the risk of side effects.

Side Effects: 

Like any medication, Apollo 50 can cause side effects. Common side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and nasal congestion. These side effects are usually mild and temporary.

Less common but more severe side effects may include:

  • Priapism: An erection lasting more than four hours, which requires immediate medical attention to prevent damage to the penis.
  • Sudden vision or hearing loss: Seek medical help if you experience sudden vision or hearing problems while using Apollo 50.
  • Allergic reactions: These may include rash, itching, swelling, severe dizziness, or difficulty breathing. If any of these symptoms occur, seek medical attention promptly.


Apollo 50, a product by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, containing Sildenafil, is a versatile medication primarily prescribed for erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. While it can offer relief for these conditions, individuals should use it with caution, considering contraindications and potential side effects. Always consult a healthcare professional for guidance on the appropriate dosage and potential interactions with other medications. Whether for medical treatment or potential off-label use, Apollo 50’s effectiveness should be weighed against its risks, and informed decisions should be made under the guidance of a healthcare provider.